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Snoektown 2009
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CCSA Western Cape Snoektown Rally 2009

Was held 4, 5 & 6 September 2009

KSA Wes Kaap Snoektown Saamtrek 2009

Snoektown 2009 was held on the weekend of 04, 05 & 06 September 2009 at Yzerfontein on the West Coast.  Good Hope- and Tafelbaai Regions was the regions hosting this prestige rally.  With the last Snoektown Rally that was held in 2007, 120 caravans attended.  Do make sure that you visit the Snoektown Rally 2007 and view the photos to see what fun it is to have such a lovely rally.

Snoektown 2009 was again a great success this year.  Thanks you to Good Hope-, Tafelbaai Regions as hosts and the CCSA members that supported Snoektown to make it such a successful event again.  This is very evident looking at the 872 photo that is published.

(Click on the Photo below to view the Photo Album)

Click on the Photo below to view the Photo Album

Snoektown 'Back To School' Dance


We all remember what we looked like when we were at school years ago,

But ever thought of what we would look like now in our school clothes, or even better,

how would our hubbies, our wives, our friends look like in their school clothes!!!


The dance was a HUGE success and was held at the Club Hail at Stikland Hospital on the 20th June 2009.


Here is the Photo Album you have been waiting for!!!


(Click on the Photo te see the 'Back to School' Photo Album)

Click on this photo se view the 'Back to School' Photo Album.


Hosted by/Aangebied deur:

Good Hope Region & Tafelbaai Region


This is the Website for CCSA Western Cape's Snoektown Rally that wil be held at Yzerfontein on 04th, 05th & 06th September 2009.

All information with regard to the program, rates, bookings, etc. will be published on this website.

Dis is die Webtuiste vir KSA Wes Kaap se Snoektown Saamtrek wat gehou gaan word te Yzerfontein op 04de, 05de & 06de September 2009.

Alle inligting ten opsigte van die program, tariewe, besprekings ens. sal hier gepubliseer word.


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