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About CCSA Western Cape

The Caravan Club of Southern Africa (CCSA) was started in 1947 in the Johannesburg area and has its Head Office situated in Winfield, Johannesburg.

The Club is split into 47 parts called Regions, which are spread throughout South Africa, Namibia and Zimbabwe. South Africa is split into 9 provinces which is represented by a National Executive at quarterly national meetings in Johannesburg. Each region is administered by a committee of 6 to 8 members which is elected by the memberís of the region at an Annual General meeting.

The Western Cape Province is one of these Provinces. Besides itís natural beauty, it has a wonderful variety of attractions, such as a wine route, mountain walking trails, magnificent beaches, a great variety of fauna and flora and many more interesting places to visit.

In the Western Cape we have 6 regions namely, Boland, Cape Western, Disa, Good Hope, Tafelbaai and Tygerberg. These Regions are coordinated by a Provincial Council which consists of a Chairman from each Region plus a National Executive Councillor, Provincial Secretary and a Provincial Treasurer.

The functions of this Provincial Council are as follows:

  •   Promote and monitor the membership drive programmed.

  •   Liaise with Head Office and attend to outstanding issues.

  •   Provide members with regular feedback of national and provincial activities by way of newsletter articles and website pages.

  •   Monitor and reconcile Provincial finances.

  •   Coordinate the compiling of the annual rally fixture list.

  •   Arrange Provincial rallies such as Snoektown Capers and Rally Cape.

  •   Coordination of all tours in and out of the Western Cape.

  •   Monitor our website and content.

  •   Attend Conventions (Head Office Annual General Meeting).

  •   Promote good inter-action between the regions.


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